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MOST Training

This course is designed for you to learn thebBasic application knowledge of INIC based on the MOST network.


Training course

  • INIC basic application knowledge
  • Supervisor, Streaming Data Operation
  • Command interpreter configuration
  • Library configuration and overview of API
  • Practice of basic functions such as notification service

Training objectives

  • Understanding of the basic components and correlations of MOST NetServices V2.x
  • Understanding of how to configure MOST NetServices V2.x and how to integrate libraries in user applications
  • Understanding of how to develop Low Level Driver of MOST NetServices V2.x
  • Understanding of the MOST NetServices V2.x Debugging Methods
  • Understanding of how messages pass through other services
  • Creation of application examples using important features of NetServices V2.x

Number of people, cost and duration of each Training course

Training name Number of trainees Entry fee Training period
MOST NetServices V2.x Training Up to 6 people 1,200,000 won / (separate participants) 2 days

Main training content

Training list Detailed training list
MOST NetServices Introduction
  • MOST NetServices role in the application and network
  • Modules overview
  • Getting connected
  • Low Level Driver
  • Port Message Service (PMS)
  • Message Buffer Management (MBM)
  • Message Interface Service (MIS)
Receiving Messages
  • MOST NetServices Kernel
  • Debug interface
  • Application Message Service (wAMS)
Acting on Message
  • MOST Command Interpreter (CMD)
Sending Messages
  • Application Message Service (wAMS)
Handling Packet Data
  • Asynchronous Data Transmission Service (wADS)
Routing Synchronous Data
  • Soket Connection Manager (wSCM)
Network Services
  • Address Handler (AH)
  • NetBlock Module (NB)
  • Notification Service (NTFS)
  • NetworkMaster Shadow Module (NWMS)
Administration and Network Management
  • MOST Supervisor (vMSV, MSV2)
  • MOST Processor Control Service (wMCS)
  • Control Message Service (wCMS)
  • General items and configuration settings

How to apply for training

You cannot cancel training one week before training.
Training may be canceled due to lack of trainees and we will let you know one week before the training.

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Training related inquiry

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