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Electrical Units

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ICU [Integrated Central control Unit]

Operating current / dark current measurement Can select Main Power (Power Supply or Battery) ICU output terminal IPS Lamp load performance test Lamp output terminal performance evaluation Communication terminal (CAN&LIN) performance evaluation ICU & SJB Input, output terminal Measure ICU output terminal real load / virtual load changeover test Lamp output terminal current consumption measurement Verification of Output terminal (Led, Relay, Signal, Lamp) operation Logic

BMS [Battery Management System]

Main Relay (Positive, Negative) Operation Test PRE Charge Relay operation test Voltage drop measurement test Current sensor operation test Insulation resistance measurement test Cell (voltage, temperature) measurement

e-Call [Emergency Call]

Operating current / dark current measurement Parameter Write & Read MIC input test Battery condition test Antenna status test Modem information test GPS reception test CAN communication monitoring

ISCU [Integrated Seat control Unit]

Operating current / dark current measurement Actual vehicle condition performance evaluation Remote start control, IMS control Motor, Sensor Simulation and Measurement Motor, Blower, Heater Performance Evaluation Blower, Heater performance evaluation PSM control, SCM control, IMS control CAN communication monitoring

AVN [Audio-Video-Navigation]

Operating current / dark current measurement AVN function evaluation B+, ACC Power Pattern Evaluation Virtual ECU Simulation Implementation TBT Simulation Implementation CCP, RRC actual load / virtual load changeover test Communication Simulation Implementation (CAN, CAN FD, EtherCC)

TPMS [Tire Pressure Monitoring System]

Operating current / dark current measurement RFSG Device setting Wheel Information & Speed Setting RF Signal Timing setting RF Data setting TPMS CAN MSG monitor CAN MSG Emulator RF Data Monitoring

WPC [Wireless Power Charger]

Operating current / dark current measurement Performance evaluation Input / output terminal, Receiver voltage measurement Foreign object detection test CAN Communication, diagnostic test WPC Range charging efficiency measurement Mobile phone interlocking (battery status, temperature, voltage) test

Environmental Durability Tester

Environmental Durability Test (In-Panel, Door Switch etc.) Output voltage, drop voltage and operating current measurement CAN, LIN output data monitoring 3-axis Motor Control Load Cell Measurement Chamber Control (Temperature / Humidity)

DVRS [Drive Video Record System]

Operating current / dark current measurement Performance evaluation Input power power pattern control Real-time DVRS video output check (AVN can be replaced) Video frame measurement Touch coordinate value input Output video recording Event generation using collision jig

SAS [Steering Angle Sensor]

Temperature / humidity environmental durability evaluation and performance evaluation Operating current measurement Servo Motor control (Rotation Speed/ Angle Position Control) Encoder Position, CAN Communication Synchronization CAN, SENT Communication Monitoring Total Error, Linearity, Hysteresis automatic evaluation Chamber Control (Temperature / Humidity)