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HIL(Hardware In the Loop) Testing Systems
This is the best type of closed loop simulation that tests control system software and controllers with real hardware components to provide more realistic feedback.

Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Testing Systems

  • Verification of vehicle components (ECU and load)
  • Vehicle communication bus control and evaluation
  • Multi ECU system test
  • Modular HIL Testing System
  • NI PCI & PXI-based measurement technology
  • Improved reliability and quality
  • Reduced development costs and time
  • Customized system INTERGRATION
  • Scalable from small system to large system

Implementing a vehicle model in the HILS environment allows you to perform a network integration test under the same conditions as in actual driving in a virtual environment before actual vehicle testing. In addition to the functional tests, electrical failure such as disconnection or short circuit and fault diagnosis such as communication error can be simulated in real time. From the development stage, various scenarios and algorithms can be applied to automate the test, thus improving the quality and stability of the finished vehicle and contributing to reducing time and cost. In the era of autonomous vehicles, vehicle systems play a greater role than drivers. Therefore, it is necessary to build a virtual testing environment to verify these vehicle systems.

HIL TESTING BENCH implementation (real case)

Using TEST BENCH allows you to secure the performance, stability and reliability of the system through repeated and FIU tests in various environments. By reducing the number of prototypes early in the costly development process, you can significantly reduce development costs and time. This is a very effective method to implement multiple tests (functions, diagnostics, FIUs, repetition) in the laboratory.

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We know how to configure and simulate a test system in a virtual environment.

HIL TESTING SYSTEM Composition & Verification Method

In order to verify the design, thorough and reliable testing is required.

  • STEP_01

    Target selection

    • - Controller selection and classification
    • - Specification analysis
  • STEP_02

    Environment building

    • - Virtual environment building
    • - HIL system connection
    • - Load connection
  • STEP_03


    • - Test case creation
    • - Creation of automatic /
      manual evaluation algorithms
    • - Verification (automatic / manual)
  • STEP_04

    Analysis / Evaluation

    • - Data acquisition and analysis
    • - Correction, complementation
      (hardware / software)
Application Areas

It can be manufactured according to the system specifications, and the platform-based customized system is very easy to expand.
This system can be used for many applications, including complex simulations of virtual vehicles.

Common Applications

ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) Vehicle ECU verification (Engine, Powertrain, Chassis, Body, Multi-Media) Hybrid or Electric Motor Battery Management System Networked ECU Power Management System (PMS) Power electronics Research and education

Main Content

Analog and digital signal generation / instrumentation FAULT Simulation Multi ECU System Interlocking Test Support for automotive communication protocol
(CAN / CAN FD, LIN, Automotive Ethernet))
Actual load interlock test using real ECU Virtual driving performance evaluation in various environments ADAS Sensor and Radar System Test Power fluctuation test Sensor simulation Close-Loop Testing
Real-time simulation software

It provides a customizable graphical user interface by displaying, analyzing, and comparing waveforms collected from data acquisition, analysis, and monitoring systems. The software or firmware / algorithm / control systems are tested to simulate hardware components or test real components or physical systems.

HIL TESTING SYSTEMS Implementation (Partner Solution)

NI's HIL platform is a flexible, developmental platform (modular structure) which has excellent scalability, easily responding to system requirements.

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High-speed data collection, real-time monitoring and analysis are easy, and you can easily control HILS with the LabVIEW user interface. Helping to conduct extensive testing early in development, it improves product quality while reducing overall development costs. Easy organic synchronization between many PXI instruments allows you to simulate scenarios and sensors. With FPGA technology, you can design test systems at very high loop speed.

HIL TESTING SYSTEMS Implementation (Partner Solution)

The Konrad Technologies ABex (Extension of Analog Bus for PXI) platform is a test solution that combines NI's LabVIEW and PXI platform.

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The flexibility of the ABex PXI platform extension is used to efficiently share platform resources with customers, saving development time and costs. From single hardware and software modules to fully automated turnkey systems, we offer customized solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements, providing customers with the services and technical knowledge to help them achieve their business goals.

Efficient Development System

We provide efficient development solutions with flexible and scalable systems to meet customers’ requirements, product diversity and complexity.

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    Save Time

    From the early stage of development, you can find errors in the product early through simulation and save time with automatic testing based on test scenarios.
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    Based on the platform-based design, it can be integrated and easily upgraded according to users’ requirements.
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    By simulating the harsh conditions that are difficult to verify in actual vehicle testing, not only can the error be detected early but also iterative testing is also available, increasing the reliability of the test.
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    Save Cost

    Systematic and reliable testing can reduce the costs of product development by reducing the development stages.
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