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Automotive Ethernet Training

This course is designed for you to learn the basic theory of vehicle Ethernet and how to use related tools.


Training course

  • OSI Model
  • TCP / UDP
  • Ethernet Protocol
  • Help Protocols
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Tool Demo

Training objectives

  • Understanding of the hierarchy of automotive Ethernet
  • Understanding of the configuration of the protocol used in automotive Ethernet
  • Understanding of how to use automotive Ethernet monitoring and simulation tools

Number of people, cost and duration of each Training course

Training name Number of trainees Entry fee Training period
Automotive Ethernet Training At least 4 people 700,000 won / person (VAT not included) 1 day

Main training content

Training list Detailed training list
Automotive Ethernet Theory
  • OSI Model
  • Ethernet Protocol
  • Internet Protocol
  • Help Protocols
Tool demo
  • Introduction to Ethernet Capture Equipment (Converter, Switch, Spy, Logger)
  • Analysis Software (ANDi) demonstration

Training schedule

Round Date
1st round April 19
2nd round September 22
3rd round December 15

How to apply for training

You cannot cancel training one week before training.
Training may be canceled due to lack of trainees and we will let you know one week before the training.

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Training related inquiry

If you have any questions related to education, please contact us at the information below and we will answer you kindly.