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Spirent C1 Appliance with SPIRENT Test Center
SPIRENT C1는 레이어 2-7 라우터, 스위치 및 어플리케이션 성능 테스트를 지원하는 휴대 가능한 사이즈의 장비입니다.

Solution Overview

Test a network or device with a solution that reproduces anything less than a realistic environment and you risk slower product development and deployment, and lower network service quality.

 Spirent C1 minimizes your risk by mirroring actual network scenarios and traffic patterns so networks, services and individual network elements can be quickly validated.

The C1 lowers the barrier to entry and enables companies of all sizes to test smarter and optimize their test investment by leveraging industry-leading test capabilities Spirent offers.

The Spirent C1 supports Spirent TestCenter™, Avalanche Commander™, and Spirent CyberFlood™.

Whether you are a network engineer, manufacturing production line technician, product developer, or systems engineer, Spirent will empower you to better manage your solutions and deliver on the promise of next-generation services.



The C1 is an ideal fit for:

• Network element engineering development, design and test groups requiring physical access to a test port on the workbench

• Network equipment manufacturers doing burn-in and production line tests requiring low port count and compactness

• Technical and field marketing groups needing a portable test solution

• Network engineers and technicians performing pre-deployment testing and troubleshooting and service rollout testing

• University computer science departments and technical training organizations requiring a hands-on test tool



Features & Benefits

Spirent sets the standard for testing the network environment with unparalleled realism and test packages for:

• Mobile and fixed infrastructures

• Cloud infrastructures

• Cloud applications

• Enterprise campus and WAN networks

• Data centers



• Hyper realistic Layer 4-7 user emulation to test applications and application infrastructure

• Realistic Layer 2-3 traffic to test Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms



• Intelligent Results™ allow users to quickly confirm positive results and identify problematic areas

• Real-time traffic and protocol controls enable the tester to validate and troubleshoot problems by altering the test configuration while the test is running

• Real-time results views allow the user to see how the network responds to changes in specific test conditions without having to stop the test and save the results

• Built-in wizards and automated test scenarios reduce test setup and execution times

• Easy NoCode™ Automation for novice programmers