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FlexConfig RBS
Software to generate a hardware assisted RBS and Gateways
Article number: 3-V0160B01

FlexConfig RBS는 RBS와 게이트웨이를 지원하는 하드웨어를 위한 소프트웨어입니다. 여러종류의 네트워크 데이터베이스를 지원하며, 생성된 RBS 프로그램은 각각의 하드웨어에서 독립적으로 동작하게 됩니다.


FlexConfig RBS is a software to generate a hardware assisted RBS and Gateways. Several network description formats are supported, such as Autosar, FIBEX and CANdb. The generated RBS runs independently on a separate hardware.  


> Gateway generation for several bus systems, e.g. CAN-HS/FD, FlexRay, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, LIN, SENT
> Signal manipulation: no coding required
> Remaining bus simulation (RBS)
> Easy-to-use GUI: Configuration in two minutes
> Synchronized FlexRay/FlexRay gateway
> Support for several devices: FlexDevice-M, FlexDevice-L, FlexDevice-L², FlexDevice-S
> Interface to user-defined CRC algorithms, alive/message counterand network management (ANSI-C code) 
> E2E Protection for several OEMs
> Access RBS runtime parameters via Windows API and Ethernet:
- Global parameters (read/write)
- Signals (read/write)
- PDUs (read/write)
- Bus controller (switch on/off / read state)   
- Simulated ECUs (switch on/off / read state)
> FlexConfig RBS includes FlexConfig Control for live manipulations
> Runs on Windows 7 (32-bit), 7 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
> User Function editor
- Implementation of frame-based and pdu based TX and RX functions per drag and drop and user-defined algorithms
- Implementation of interrupt-based CycleStartInterrupt functions per drag and drop user-defined algorithms for simulatedFlexRay ECUs/clusters 
- User-defined .c/.h files and .a libraries can be included
- Access during runtime to TX or RX main functions via WindowsAPI and Ethernet
- Integration of I/Os per drag and drop
- Signal and frame-based data handling with deposited functionality
- RX User Functions: Payload access to last received frame(e.g. for CRC check)
- Generation of additional TX events for the simulated TX frames(e.g. for transmitting CAN frames which don’t have cyclic triggered timings) 
- Read/write access to PDU update bits
- Enable/Disable simulated ECUs
- Enable/Disable bus
- Access to user-defines
- Support of user defined sync/startup frames
- Support of DoIP and ISO-TP (on request)
- Support of LIN