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FlexCard USB-M
CAN FlexRay USB Interface
Article number: 3-V0580A01

FlexCard USB-M는 CAN, FlexRay의 모니터링, 분석을 위한 강력한 다기능 인터페이스 카드입니다. 채널 A,B를 포함한 한 개의 FlexRay Communication Controller를 지원합니다.


The FlexCard USB-M, robust and powerful, is a multifunctional USB interface device for analyzing and monitoring of CAN and FlexRay bus systems. One FlexRay Communication Controller is available in the FlexCard USB-M, including channel A and B. Additionally, access to two CAN high-speed and to one CAN low-speed bus systems are provided. 


> 1x FlexRay A+B, 2x CAN HS, 1x CAN LS
> Synchronous timestamp generation for all of the bus interfaces
> FlexRay bus system is self-sync capable (second FR-Controller only for synchronization integrated)
> USB powered (no need of an external power supply)
> Numerous triggering capabilities
> Driver available for: Windows
> Monitoring software included


FPGA of FlexCard USB-M 

 Altera Cyclone III

Bus interfaces 

1 FlexRay-Schnittstelle (Kanal a+B)

2 CAN-Schnittstellen (High-Speed) 

1 CAN-Schnittstelle (Low-Speed)

Bus Driver

2x TJA1080 FlexRay-Transceiver 

2x TJA1041 CAN High-Speed-Transceiver 

1x TJA1054 CAN Low-Speed-Transceiver 


Two LEDs per bus interface + 1 power LED

Synchronization ports 

2TTL Trigger-Lines (1 in, 1 out) 

Dimensions L x W x H without cable approx. 

105 mm x 102 mm x 37 mm 

To update the software, please follow the steps below :   

Start "FlexCard_Setup_S6V6A-F. msi". Details about installation can be found in the enclosed installation instructions.
Update the firmware with the file "FlexCard_USB_S6V4-F.fwf". Installation instructions are also included.
It is important to update both parts (Windows driver and firmware) at the same time. The drivers require appropriate licenses, which are marked on the card.

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FlexCard USB-M