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FlexCard Air-S
LIN CAN Bluetooth Interface
Article number: 3-V0920A01

FlexCard Air-S는 HS-CAN과 LIN 메시지들을 블루투스를 통해 무선 전송이 가능한 인터페이스입니다.


FlexCard Air-S is an affordable bus interface for wireless transport of CAN-HS and LIN messages via Bluetooth. Due to the cable free concept the device can be plugged into the bus system at any chosen point in the topology, enabling the user to place the receiving station (e.g. mobile device) at the best suitable place inside a car or move it freely in the laboratory and test bay. A software for visualization of bus signals (FlexConfig Analyzer) is optionally available. Additionally, customer specific software solutions for data visualization using other OS can be implemented. 


> In the laboratory for wireless monitoring of bus data
> At the test bay to move freely between different setups


> Affordable solution for wireless transport of CAN and LIN messages via Bluetooth
> Range up to 100m
> 2 CAN-HS & 1 LIN interfaces
> Compact design

The ARM-7 circuit board provides interfaces for CAN and LIN, as well as USB 2.0 for connection to a PC.

BluetoothTM v2.0+EDR-SPP

Range up to 100m

Transmitting power +18 dBm 

Piconet and Scatternet support

Supports up to 7 slaves

Compatible to LIN 1.3, 2.0 und 2.1

5 LEDs

   - LED1 „RUN“ indicates device is ready for use 

   - LED2 „CAN1“ indicates channel state

   - LED3 „CAN2“ indicates channel state

   - LED4 „LIN“ indicates channel state

   - LED5 „BT“ indicates wireless state

   - BT data rate max. 230 kbps