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Measuring unit for measuring currents and voltages of AC- or DC-signals.


The CHARGE-MONITOR is installed between charge station and vehicle or between the mains and the charging station.


The CHARGE-MONITOR disposes about the following connection options which could be configured individually:

CEE32 für 1- oder 3- phase-measurements (32 A)

Mennekes Europa

CEE125 for 1- oder 3-phase-measurements (125 A)

CCS/Combo1 USA

CCS/Combo 2 Europe

GB/T AC China AC

GB/T DC China DC

CHAdeMO Japan DC


Measuring speed is configurable individually. Current and voltage can be measured simultaneously up to 16 kHz.


Output of measuring values on a 7-inch-display and/or via CAN-interfaces.


Following measuring modes are available:

DC-measurement: I_instantaneous, U_ instantaneous, I_charge, I_discharge, I_total,

AC-measurement: I_ instantaneous, U_ instantaneous.


The measured values may be used for calculating the following values:



cos φ and P_active power,

electric work.

 These values can be pictured on the display or transmitted via CAN-interfaces.